There comes a time for Martha to slow down and reorient. It is often frequent, sudden and unexpected. It may come in the form of a phone call from a grieving friend, a painful stub of her toe on a corner, the giggle of a child, the quiet beauty of a sunset. It is a reminder for Martha to pause and listen, and to not be so driven towards her goal, as good as it may be, but to be sensitive and reassured that there may be something even greater in store for her that day. Often it calls her to give, but just as often it calls for her to receive. Often it is a call to rest and just listen.

“Martha, Martha” is a call of out of love and understanding of our individuality and human tendencies. It is not an admonition, not a criticism. It is an “inner voice”, the “still, small voice” . . . God’s voice, that calls us to trust that even though we may try to follow the best path and stay on that track, it is often a turn of events that makes no sense that leads to the richest experience and relationship.

Life is filled with wonderful surprises.
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