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ANNOUNCING REAL II, by author, Shelley Malcolm, co-owner of La Perla del Mar Chapel in Shell Beach California, and Terilee Dawn Ouimette, photographer.

Upon its release in 2012, REAL, the book, used hands as a metaphor for the beauty of authenticity and individuality.

We invite you to a new volume: REAL II portraying the art of being human. REAL II is a collection of over 45 stories and photos depicting the common threads of our humanness, woven into the perfect plan of our diversity. Meet those who are Defying Gravity, Visionary, Brother’s Keeper, Light in the Darkness and more in the pages of REAL II.

REAL II moves us to examine how we have lived our lives, and more importantly, how we choose to live today and in days to come. Be inspired by the people you meet in REAL II. Embrace the art of being human.